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Электронные книги » Физика » Numerical Techniques in Electromagnetics (second editions) - Sadiku M.

Numerical Techniques in Electromagnetics (second editions) - Sadiku M.

Название: Numerical Techniques in Electromagnetics (second editions)
Автор: Sadiku M.
Категория: Физика
Тип: Книга
Дата: 22.10.2008 21:09:37
Скачано: 87
Описание: The art of computation of electromagnetic (EM) problems has grown exponentially for three decades due to the availability of powerful computer resources. In spite of this, the EM community has suffered without a suitable text on computational techniques commonly used in solving EM-related problems. Although there have been monographs on one particular technique or the other, the monographs are written for the experts rather than students. Only a few texts cover the major techniques and do that in a manner suitable for classroom use. It seems experts in this area are familiar with one or few techniques and not many experts seem to be familiar with all the common techniques. This text attempts to fill the gap. The text is intended for seniors or graduate students and may be used for a one-semester or two-semester course. The main requirements for students taking a course based on this text are introductory EM courses and a knowledge of a high-level computer language, preferably FORTRAN or C. Software packages such as Matlab and Mathcad may be helpful tools. Although familiarity with linear algebra and numerical analysis is useful, it is not required. In writing this book, three major objectives were borne in mind. First, the book is intended to teach students how to pose, numerically analyze, and solve EM problems. Second, it is designed to give them the ability to expand their problem solving skills using a variety of available numerical methods. Third, it is meant to prepare graduate students for research in EM. The aim throughout has been simplicity of presentation so that the text can be useful for both teaching and self-study. In striving after simplicity, however, the reader is referred to the references for more information. Toward the end of each chapter, the techniques covered in the chapter are applied to real life problems. Since the application of the technique is as vast as EM and author's experience is limited, the choice of application is selective.
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