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Quasicristals (second edition) - Primer A.

Название: Quasicristals (second edition)
Автор: Primer A.
Категория: Физика
Тип: Книга
Дата: 22.10.2008 21:30:14
Скачано: 36
Описание: This revised edition of the book is intended to be an improvement on the original. Basically, the book remains the 'primer' it was intended to be, and has not been transformed into 4he' up-to-date relation of 'everything about quasicrystals'. Many other books, cited in the text, have achieved that purpose. However, since quasicrystal science is a subject of great interest, progress in experimental achievements and fundamental understanding has been rather explosive during the past two years. New quasicrystals have been discovered and prepared to such a level of perfection that they can successfully compete with the mosaic spread of the best periodic crystals. The somewhat 'amateur' method of preparing quasicrystals which prevailed for some time has now been improved. Detailed and carefully explored phase diagrams are available. They clearly establish the composition and temperature domains for the existence of several systems such that their quality can be optimized. Convenient and efficient characterization methods have also been identified and systematically applied. As an obvious consequence, structural concepts have been developed or even revised, characteristic properties have been identified in minute detail, and quasicrystals have been definitively established as a new and very interesting state of matter. I have attempted to integrate all these novel developments at the introductory level of the book and accordingly, all chapters except the first have undergone some modification. In particular, Chapters 5 and 6 have been substantially amended. It is my great pleasure to thank again the many people who have helped me with this work, particularly those who provided me with new figures, sometimes even prior to publication of their data.
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